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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Some people are intimidated by the idea of going to the gym. Though there is nothing inherently right or wrong about going to the gym, but, the gym is a safe environment for learning movements and executing them outside the gym if need be.

However, if you have chosen to start your fitness journey and the gym seems like a distant dream, then this article is for you.

There are some movements which one can perform to remain fairly strong on a day-to-day basis:

Start with warm-ups like jumping jacks or spot jumps or something which elevated your heart beat. Do it for 5-10mins. It should increase your core temperature, tissue temperature and heart rate.


One of the most basic of human movements is squat. Squat can be performed any where with or without load. If your own body weight feels too light then you can add some load ( books in a backpack etc). Squat alone has the capacity to keep the body stronger since it takes into account lower body as well as your erector spine and if there is a load then even better!

Squat can improve the quality of your day to day living.

PUSH-UPs: One upper body movement which is universally performed is The Push-up! Having enough strength in the arms to push your body weight against the gravity is quite challenging for many people and rightly so. It’s simple, the less you use it, the more it gets wasted away.

However, there are ways to progress in this.

One can choose to start doing it from an inclined angle, once that becomes easy i.e you can easily perform 10-15 reps, choose slightly lower angles. One can also do assisted push up with their knees on the ground and with practice one can start doing the normal push up.

PULL-UPs: Another movement which is even more challenging than the push-up is a Pull-up! The pull-up is something which requires even more strength to pull your body all the way up.

And as usual, most people cannot do this movement so a starting point could be to develop some strength in the arms which can happen through similar movements like Rowing etc.

One way to do it at home is by using a strong rope-like object

called TRX or resistance bands

And if that looks like too much of an investment then you can use a long bed sheet, roll it and pin it against the door and it can become useful.

CRUNCH CUM SIT-UPS: This movement directly strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Abdominals are part of the Core muscle group and are involved in a variety of other movements. The presence of a high amount of visceral fat protrudes the tummy which keeps the abdominal wall stretched hence it becomes weak and can sometimes result in hernia etc.

So training abdominals can come in handy.

And the last movement to finish off can be -

BURPEES: A very intense movement which takes into account the entire body and can serve as a cardiovascular movement too is The Burpees.

The thing with Burpees is, it takes into account the entire body (squat, push up and the component of jump) and if done continuously for either reps (15-20 or more) or time (1-2mins of continuous movement) can make you sweat or make your heart beat faster which is a good thing.

There are other exercises and movements too, however, these are probably one of the best movements one can perform for an all round development AT HOME.

Reach out to us for training related queries!

Stay fit, stay connected!

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