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The Importance of a High-Fat Diet for

Your Child's Brain Development

High-fat diet isn't just for adults - it's essential for your child's brain development too. Contrary to popular belief, our bodies don't actually require carbohydrates to function. Instead, we need essential fats and essential proteins to support our bodily functions. This is especially true for growing children who require up to 40 different micronutrients for normal function.

Did you know that 90% of a child's brain develops before the age of 5? This means that proper nutrition during this time is crucial for their overall health and cognitive function. In fact, the brain weighs about 3lbs or 2% of the total body weight, but has over 25% of the total cholesterol in the body. This highlights the importance of including healthy fats in your child's diet.

The brain is also about 60% fat and requires fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol for proper cognitive function, memory, and nerve function. While many people fuel their brain with glucose from carbohydrates, the long-term effects of carbs for energy can be damaging. Fats, on the other hand, have twice as much energy as glucose and don't have to be processed like glucose to pass into the mitochondria.

Additionally, our cell walls are made up of fatty acids, and the better the quality of good fats, the better the health of the cells walls to do their job: bring in nutrients, release energy and remove waste out of the cell. This means that proper fats are essential for proper cellular function.

For a child, their brains use about double the amount of energy everyday compared to an adult's brain, especially until the age of 4. Having children rely on their body's stored energy (fat) allows for clean burning and long-lasting energy. This is why a high-fat, meat-heavy diet is ideal for growing children.

In conclusion, it's important to prioritize nutrient-dense foods when it comes to your child's diet. This means including healthy fats and proteins, and minimizing the intake of carbohydrates. By doing so, you'll be supporting your child's brain development and overall health.

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