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FITCOM INDIA and their future plans!

Updated: May 12, 2022

Started by a group of Fitness and Marketing Professionals with a decade of experience each; who decided to come together and bring to you all everything related to Fitness with the aim of making #fitbharat. Whether it is their experience or inviting the subject matter experts from all around the globe to help you grow your existing knowledge base on Fitness eventually helping you in your own life.

Those who know fitcomindia's team personally, know that they bring quality to the table when it comes to Fitness and that is what binds them together.

Co-creating a community like FitcomIndia was a conscious and thoughtful decision to extend their existing portfolio of work and to reach out to maximum people digitally. Coming from a 1:1 personal training background with a very extensive hands-on experience it would have become extremely difficult to reach what they were aiming for and hence FITCOMINDIA was born out of sheer necessity and that’s perhaps the story of every big thing that has come to the surface ever.

How far Fitcomindia is going to go, however, is a thing of the future but right now at this point, it looks promising and certainly, we all want to see what they have to offer.

They plan to come up with educational content and sessions with the industry experts and conduct workshops followed by a course/ certification program for existing fitness professionals to upgrade their current knowledge.

The entire schedule will be available on their website and social media handles in the days to come; until then stay connected and follow the social media handles @fitcomindia

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