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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Every profession comes with its Dos and Don’ts and Personal Training is no exception. However, this profession has been looked down upon especially if we talk about it from the Indian Perspective. Nonetheless, the practices mentioned here are going to benefit anybody practising anywhere!

CHECK YOUR PASSION: To be excellent in anything, you should first check whether or not you are passionate about that. If you think about it day and night, if you are obsessed and are consumed by the thought of it, you are on the right track. Once this is clear the next step is to

GET EDUCATED: In the early era of this profession, it was dominated by people who worked hard and made a good physique and won competitions. They were “The Source” of information and rightly so.

As science developed, we got more information on how our bodies work, certain organisations got formed and started sharing knowledge and from there on started Wellness Revolution.

Now, the tables have turned and more importance is being given to Form and Technique, correct biomechanics and exercise science. The good part is anybody can have this knowledge and can grow. Once you get educated, the next step is to

BE PROFESSIONAL: Being a professional means that you don’t treat this like a hobby. If there is a lack of seriousness rather more of a casual approach in your demeanour and attitude, your progress will halt and you will stagnate and like many people you will end up changing your profession.

People usually come into this profession when they feel nothing is working out so just dive into this without realising that there are people who are going to depend on them and if your nature is to hop on to every new opportunity on the block, this is not for you.


Now when it comes to building relationships with clients some trainers take it too far ( 😃). It simply means that you build such an environment for your client that is safe for them to open up but not to the extent of enquiring about their everyday personal life and getting involved.

ALWAYS BE ON OR BEFORE TIME: Exceptions are okay but don’t get okay with this attribute. Always be a little earlier than your client and stay a little late. Everybody’s time is precious and when it comes to training clients always assume that they are busier than you. Respect their schedule and you will automatically be respected.

NEVER LOOK AT THE WATCH WHILE TRAINING: While I understand that time is the most precious commodity and many times trainers are hard pressed for time, however, if you go an extra mile and schedule yourself in such a way that you don’t actually keep looking at the clock and want to just get done with it unless your client wants the session to be over within an hour or so. Always train as if there is no time limit, give your heart and soul in that particular moment and you will supersede people around you.

ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR PROBLEMS AT HOME: There are certain emergencies we all face, barring those situations; learn to deal with your problems and keep them aside while you are training. Your training session should not depend on your mood, on the contrary, your mood should get better after training.

BE GENDER SENSITISED: This is a highly sensitive point and needs to be highlighted since many trainers are unaware of this and make blunders and can jeopardise their career.

While training the opposite gender, always take care of these cardinal rules :

  1. Your voice tonality: Don’t be loud or arrogant or afraid or over friendly. Your voice should depict politeness, gentle yet firm tone.

  2. Touch: Try that the commands are clear enough for them so that you don’t have to touch. However should you feel the need, always ask for their permission and if your comfort is at a good level, always touch with two fingers. Don’t touch the body parts deemed inappropriate at any cost.

  3. FRIENDLINESS: A client should be treated with respect and vice versa. Never call them by their pet names or their first name. Use Sir or Mam or their last names whichever is appropriate. Don’t keep your hands on your clients’ shoulder and don’t allow them too ( context matters)

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HYGIENE: This is something which is over looked. There are certain key points to it:

  1. Keep your clothes clean and wear a perfume if you have a tendency to sweat a lot.

  2. Unkempt hair and beard is not a very pleasant sight. Keep it trimmed and combed.

  3. Change your socks everyday. Believe it or not they stink without you even knowing about it.

  4. Wear appropriate clothes for the training session if there is no uniform. Don’t wear clothes where you can’t demonstrate a particular movement. You are there to train and not for fashion statement.

CONTINUOUSLY EDUCATE YOURSELF: Always keep yourself updated with the latest findings. Science is ever evolving and so should you. There are certain things which don’t change, they become facts. However, there still are many things which we don’t know about, keeping that in mind always strive to be abreast with the current knowledge.

Science is greater than any dogma.

BE A BETTER COMMUNICATOR: To be able to communicate is a gift and no I am not saying that you have to have command over a language but being able to express your thoughts effectively is a skill and can be learnt. Many trainers, let go of this skill even after spending substantial years into their career and remain average.

So basically developing good interpersonal skill can keep you in the A category.

This one skill alone has made huge careers for trainers with all the other attributes being average or below average.

So keep these points in mind and build a rock solid career in Personal Training and become a good coach.

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