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When it comes to accessories Fitness is the field which may top the charts. When people buy gym membership they are the most excited about buying new accessories which may not be useful at that point but surely gives a kick to them.

These fitness gears are not absolutely required but they sure can improve performance over a period of time.

Let’s take a look at some of the important fitness gear:

PROPER GYM CLOTHES: Why are gym clothes in the “accessories” category even though these are as basic as everyday wear? The reason is gym clothing can very well decide your gym performance in the long run.

Many times people wear tight clothing and non-stretchable fibre which can restrict their movement and may create danger or a chance for enhanced wear n tear.

Some clothes are too slippery and may cause an accident while performing certain movements like squats etc.

THE RIGHT GYM SHOES: Gym shoes are a very popular accessory for people all across. People buy fancy shoes for the gym but end up choosing the wrong ones.

What works best for running won’t work for strength training, and what works best for strength training won’t work for cycling and you will understand this when we look at it in depth.

When you start off as a beginner, these things won’t matter much but in the long run, they would be your best investments.

For example, a lot of emphasis has to be given to shoes which are wide toe for the foot to function properly even during your everyday affair and there are certain brands which offer these shoes. ( E.g Vibram, barefoot etc are some brands which provide such shoes)

For weight lighting purposes shoes with a slight heel, and elevation will ensure better performance. (

For running on tracks there are special shoes with spikes which result in better grip. (

So gym shoes should be bought based on your particular activity of interest and when you really want to improve your performance in that particular activity.

LIFTING STRAPS: Lifting straps are an extremely useful accessory for those who are serious about strength training.

The addition of such straps can help in lifting more weights in the weight room where grip becomes a challenge and can affect performance.

Straps are the saviour and are usually found with most of the lifters.

LIFTING CHALK: Lifting chalk is an absolutely essential thing and an exception when it comes to fitness gear/accessories.

Chalk does wonders for those with sweaty palms and can instantly enhance the lifting capacity when their grips give away due to sweat.

One difference between chalk and strap is that straps aid the existing grip strength whereas chalk helps only the sweaty palm and can make you realise your actual grip strength.

LIFTING BELT: Lifting belt can be really helpful once you start training beyond 1.5-2 times your body weight. It helps in maintaining the intra-abdominal pressure which is a part of core bracing and thus provides a lot of stability during the lift.

GYM BAG: A good gym bag is very useful and essential in that you can carry other useful stuff like towels, wipes, deodorants, gym clothes, shaker bottles etc.

YOGA MAT: Carrying your own yoga mat can be advantageous if you are hygiene conscious.

DIGITAL FITNESS WATCH: For a long time this looked more like an unnecessary addition, however, there are certain readings from such watches which can help in keeping up with fitness-related goals viz. Heart rate, number of steps per day, sleep quality etc. These parameters can work in accordance with your fitness goals and if one has enough data and statistics, it can serve the purpose well.

So these are some of the important accessories pertaining to gym goers! Hope this was helpful, if there is anything you would like to add, fee free to comment or give us feedback.

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