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The answer is NO!

We will share some valuable information with you all from the point of view of a beginner.

The healthcare industry is a trillion-dollar industry because people pay to be in the hospitals to get rid of the diseases they have acquired over a period of time which could have been spent or utilised in some other meaningful pursuit.

We all have been conditioned to think that for everything in life, we have to spend money and it holds true for building bodies too! With all the advertising, marketing, peer pressure etc, one is forced to think that GYM is the only way to build a good body and nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, let’s understand what does the term “Body-Building” mean to you?

One thing we all must take into account and understand is that the term “Bodybuilding” literally means to build our bodies; what most people understand by bodybuilding is being a PRO and GO-ON STAGE.

Nonetheless, we will use bodybuilding in the literal sense of the term. When it comes to building our bodies the most important thing is to build Muscle because no one can build fat, it’s automatic. You don’t need to do anything except hogging onto whatever comes in front of you and being a couch potato.

So when someone from a de-conditioned state as mentioned above wants to build their body and improve body composition, the question of “Joining a gym” becomes important because that seems the only way out. Point to be noted, we are talking about building muscles!

With Gym people associate subscription fees and whatnot, whereas HEALTH IS FREE

However, unlike all the good things in life, building your body is absolutely free of cost, let us explain :

Sunlight is free, fresh air is free, water is free, the internet is almost free, and we have public parks, public gyms etc where there is no need to pay. You simply show up and start putting in your energy. There are tonnes of free materials which can be accessed by anyone anywhere and at any time.

Imagine, being in the pinkest of health ABSOLUTELY FREE.

After being in the industry for more than a decade, We have come to understand that in today’s age one can acquire a good body without spending any money (like peanuts), least of all on a gym. However, there are certain reasons why the gym can be a better option.


  1. It’s safe. You have certain supervision of the trainer and you yourself are too cautious of the equipment etc.

  2. It has all the equipment under one roof. You don’t have to wander to different places for different exercises.

  3. The environment of a gym can have a positive effect with so many people wanting to improve themselves, it slowly becomes an association of like-minded people and thus can elevate your thought process.

  4. Based on affordability, if a person can hire a qualified Personal Trainer, the goal achievement process can become focused and highly effective.

  5. You can progress effectively without ever stalling!

  6. If you are in the category of a special population, the gym becomes your best bet because most individuals are not strong enough to do bodyweight workouts on their own and also are at risk of injuring themselves, which can further demotivate them from plunging into this direction.


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