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Macro nutrient (carb) affordability

One of the most common complaints by clients is “ I have seen so and so person eating this, why can’t I eat this”?

Why some people can eat certain things and still maintain a decent body composition while others cannot is a matter of certain factors e.g demography, genetic disposition and their habits (eating, exercise, sleep etc).


The term "affordability" is often associated with an individual's financial means, but when it comes to food, the term takes on a broader meaning.

Affordability is a very generic term and very subjective too. For example, in terms of money, reflects a person’s ability to purchase something.

However, affordability as a term can also be used while prescribing food to someone. Why you ask? Because, the kind of food we eat is affecting us everyday, to the extent that millions of people are sick even after spending millions.

People today have sunken deep into the pit of diseases and the credit goes to the big corporations who have set the narrative of HEALTH for people and profited from their misery.

In the 1970s the dietary guidelines got changed and major advertising went on to create a wave against saturated fat and in favour of Sugar (processed and unprocessed), sodas etc.

With the advent of such marketing, people got really afraid of eating good fats like Ghee, butter etc and acceptance for sodas etc increased.

In general, people moved to a low-fat high processed carb food protocol and that has resulted in a catastrophe of man-made diseases which were unheard of till the 1970s.

Now in 2023, we see people who have followed these guidelines for all these years and their children and they have lost their affordability for certain things, their genetic predisposition to certain diseases has increased.

A lot of what is happening can be attributed to the loss of physical culture along with reduced intake of first-class protein in the masses. If you look at a traditional Indian platter you will find that it’s devoid of nutrient-dense food but is rich in calories.

All of this has resulted in reduced AFFORDABILITY to consume certain food group (which has made us the Diabetic capital of the world).




When it comes to being essential, we all know there is something called as Essential Amino Acids, Essential fatty acids but there is nothing known as Essential Carbohydrates ( body makes that essential glucose in the liver)

Now this may be a little Puritanical but if you think objectively, you will find that our ability to digest Carbohydrates has reduced and when we say digest, we mean that we are becoming intolerant towards this excess carbohydrate consumption in the sense that Diabetes and related diseases are on the rise and it’s not that people are eating excess protein and fat.

Many of the people consume more Carbohydrates thinking of it as Protein, e.g Dal (pulses). Or consume second class protein sources like Soya or tofu.


The question now is what can be done to improve our affordability?

The answer is: Build more muscle via strength training/resistance training, improve your cardio-respiratory endurance, and improve mitochondrial health via sunlight exposure.

Eat foods high in first-class protein sources, good fats ( natural form) and unprocessed carbs ( if at all).

This is the most simple and the most effective strategy for each one of us and now you know it too (free of cost).

Hope this helps you in improving your life exponentially!

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