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Did you know that refined sugar can harm your immune system by reducing how white blood cells perform?

White blood cells are a crucial component of your immune system, with 80% located in your gut. A high-sugar diet can negatively impact your innate immune system, leading to increased inflammation and decreased ability to fight infections.

In fact, studies have shown a direct connection between Type 2 Diabetes and a malfunctioning innate immune response. This is why it's important to avoid consuming too much sugar, especially when you're sick with a fever. Your immune system needs to fight the infection, but consuming sugar can reduce its effectiveness.

Additionally, your adrenals produce hormones that help regulate your immune system, metabolism, and stress response. Cortisol is a steroid hormone released by your adrenals, which is used to manage blood sugar levels. However, cortisol is expensive to make and requires nutrients such as cholesterol and B vitamins. When sugar levels are high in the blood, cortisol "steals" these nutrients from other bodily functions, leading to deficiencies in vitamin B and cholesterol.

These deficiencies can weaken your immune system, making it more difficult to fight infections. This is why it's important to consume foods that are rich in cholesterol and B vitamins, such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. Vegans may be at higher risk for infections as they may not get enough cholesterol and B vitamins from their diet.

In addition to eating a nutrient-rich diet, you can also support your adrenals by taking extra unrefined salt. Adrenals love hoarding salt, which can help your body better manage stress and sugar levels.

In conclusion, your is your first line of defence against infections and diseases. By reducing your sugar intake, consuming nutrient-rich foods, and supporting your adrenals with unrefined salt, you can help your immune system perform at its best.

Remember, a healthy body is a happy body, and it all starts with what you eat.

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