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Like the name suggests: It's an indian community of fitness professionals, enthusiasts, by and large for anyone and everyone since FITNESS is for everybody.

It's for someone who pursues fitness as an occupation, for someone who wants to enhance their existing knowledge base and also for someone who is tired of google search.

A community is always bigger than the individual and hence provides for a larger reach. A community’s strength lies in its people and nothing could be better than making people strong and hence building a strong community LITERALLY.

There are so many ways one can contribute to society's welfare. Usually, people think that going to the frontline e.g Army, medical etc is the way to serve the country, but a very underrated way is Preventive healthcare. Let’s not make people sick in the first place and that is a great way to save a lot of resources and money in fact imagine people being healthy and fit can save billions let alone the emotional trauma people and their families go through.

A community building strong people can create a ripple effect and can affect a larger portion in a positive way. With such a great population, a lot many things can be done and not just become a burden to the existing resources. Of course, things are too far fetched right now but that's how dreams are built followed by a vision and then a mission and not the other way round.

That's the kind of promise this community holds. A #fitbharat is what is being envisaged.

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