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Our modern world has become a home to not only technological advancements but metabolic diseases as well. A combination of diabetes and obesity is now being looked at together and is commonly referred to as ‘The Real Epidemic’.

This real epidemic got exposed during the world’s fight against Covid-19. People with obesity and diabetes were far more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19.

With the amount of information we have today available online, it feels so good to see people fighting Diabesity (diabetes+obesity), the real epidemic these days.

There are countless transformation stories, which are nothing short of a miracle and motivate us to believe that everyone has the potential to live their most healthy and optimised life.

A while back, we saw the occurrence of the Food Pyramid that asked us to rely on grains and cereals for our daily energy requirements. It’s true that the food pyramid didn’t serve us particularly well, especially with the rise of comfort foods viz packaged processed food that provided our bodies with simple sugars making us prone to metabolic diseases. However, another thing which got massively overlooked in all this was SARCOPENIA AKA MUSCLE LOSS.

Apart from the skewed food pyramid, sarcopenia also gets overlooked when we talk about weight loss. All of us need to understand the basic difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Weight loss can be achieved by losing water, muscles, and fat from your body whereas fat loss only happens when you lose fat from your body. You should be very mindful while losing weight since excess muscle loss can make you weak and fragile to lead a healthy life. Just like excess fat brings a world of diseases with it, excess muscle loss brings with it frailty, weakness, and exertion-related diseases. Your weight loss regimen should be such that you lose fat only.

Now we come to an important question: Why is Sarcopenia overlooked?

A simple reason is people haven’t been educated on this and the impact it can have on their health and longevity. People listen and follow random influencers on several social media platforms who give you detoxes and advice that are simply to go viral. Also, they don’t talk about it because they themselves may not know the difference.

At the risk of repeating myself, when we talk Weight loss, people usually think of fat loss but we need to pay attention to something far more valuable which gets lost along the way and that is Muscle. Muscle is one of the most important components in our body and is responsible for various things out of which the prime is MOVEMENT.

Any movement big or small requires an electrical impulse which signals muscle contraction of that particular area and we move. With a low muscle mass, our capacity to move freely reduces considerably.

Other than this, muscle is the shield or our body’s armour against many diseases. The muscle is a metabolically protective organ that protects you against both diabetes and obesity.

A recent study published stated “Our findings imply that one possible reason for the negative effect of weight loss on CVD in some researches might be due to the loss of muscle mass more than the loss of fat mass”

It further states that loss of muscle tissue better predicts a future cardiovascular event than does gain in fat mass over a 5-year period.

Losing more than 8% of muscle tissue in a 5-year period is associated with a high risk of a cardiovascular event.

These findings are consistent with anecdotal evidence around us. Take a look around next time you go for that morning walk or run, look at your colleagues, relatives and in fact look at yourself.

Have you lost a considerable amount of weight but still see a paunch and your legs and arms are stick thin? If the answer is yes, then friend, you did it wrong.

Thin people are usually considered FIT. In fact, the truth is slightly overweight people with some muscle are much better than thin people with no muscle.

So, if you are still reading this, one take-home message is: In this non-ideal world of high-level propaganda, one ideal and doable thing is to Strength Train and Build Muscle through lifting (can be gym, indoors or outdoors) and you will see that you have achieved a level of physicality where you are metabolically healthy and physically strong.

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