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What is there in Fitcom India Platter?

Fitcom India team does what they are known for in their offline community: Sharing authentic knowledge with the common man which helps in enhancing/transforming their lifestyles.

The core team members were busy in their lives reaching one at a time and that is why this community was formed as a matter of compulsion to reach out to a bigger audience who might need help.

@Fitcomindia is a platform for people who want to consume knowledge or share their knowledge with the community and help spread Fitness in the truest sense of the term and they sure are going to drop truth bombs in the days to come.

Fitcom India plans to come up with educational videos, podcasts, interviews with the industry experts and conduct workshops followed by a sessions for existing fitness professionals to upgrade their current knowledge. The entire schedule will be available on their website and social media handles in the days to come.

What they will be coming up with is not new, in fact, there are many who are doing this, however, what makes them unique is creating a platform where everything is happening under one roof.

That would make things easy for a layman since it increases the availability and the reach. There are so many who search on google and term it as research with literally the first link available on google and more often than not such articles are not well researched but merely an opinion. With Fitcom India, people should expect such lag in awareness to subside and the populist approach towards Fitness to vanish.

There are so few professionals out there who are actually genuinely working to upgrade themselves so as to bring what is new and not what is obsolete, e.g Protein is bad for the kidneys. Some of them are trying to really help people but they are doing that in sheer ignorance. Some are the real deal but they have a very little audience and less reach.

Fitcom India wants to reach out to all those people and tie up with them so that their audience can mutually benefit from the knowledge which they want to impart and India is such a big audience as a whole that a lot can be done for the people, by the people itself. Imagine the sheer number, if only they are able to penetrate 2% of the entire population, so many would-be benefited but that is a distant dream but not impossible.

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